The Sherwood Inn is the main hotel.  The Plains Motel located across the street was added to the property’s amenities to provide additional rooms as well as short and long-term extended stay suites.  The Sherwood added 16 rooms adjacent to the main structure called “Nottingham” – this building is two levels with large walk-in showers, upper level viewing area and in-room microwaves and mini-refrigerators.  These additions make the total room count of 120.  In addition, there has been ongoing room updates throughout the Sherwood and Plains in 2014-2016.  The Robin Hood Lounge is the lounge and casino.  Fryer Tuck’s is the restaurant.  And finally, Maid Marion’s is the hair salon.  The Robin Hood theme has been well received and the Overgaard’s welcoming and humorous personality has made this small community destination a repeat attraction to most who have stumbled upon it.

While Overgaard semi-retired in 2001, the hotel has stayed in the family and is currently being run by his daughter with the same Overgaard philosophy of providing quality lodging with Montana hospitality.  Gordon and Karla (Overgaard) Aus now own and manage the hotel.
Both the Aus family and the Sherwood Inn are great ambassadors to the plains of Montana.  It is a great service they provide by sharing this area and making sure people from all over the world are able to comfortably see its riches and unique offerings.

Please enjoy looking through our site to see a taste of this beautiful and relaxing country, but we recommend you take the time to come see it for yourself by visiting this rare destination hotel as soon as you the chance to slow down and experience the prairie lands of Montana.